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Benefits for your members:
  • Easy access to special offers and promotions from leading online merchants which may not be publicly available
  • Community based shopping portal where members can share information about websites and specials offers with others
  • Members donít have to purchase anything extra, just use the portal when they are shopping online
Benefits for your organization:
  • Earn money on all online purchases that your members make
  • Turnkey program, your site can be set up in a matter of days
  • You are not asking your members for cash contributions (possibly taking away from your other programs)

Example of revenue potential:
The figures below represent an example of the income potential for an organization.  The number of members in the organization drives the potential of this model.  These figures are estimates only.

Number of members in organization:                               3,000
Number of members that purchase online(monthly):     1,500 (50%)
Number of orders per member:                                         2
Value of each order:                                                            $50
Total $$ spent per month:                                                   $150,000
Average commission*:                                                         3%
50% of commission for Partner:                                         $2,250
Estimated Annual Income:                                             $27,000

We estimate that you can generate at least $9 per active member of your organization per year.

*commission rates per merchant vary, 3% is an average