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The Fundraise Together Program

According to, 74% of the Internet user bases will shop online.  Further, America Online stated in December 2004 that the average male spends more shopping online per month than the average female - $204 vs $186.  With these figures in mind it is understandable that the US online retail sales were expected to exceed $144 billion.  

Based on available research, we have come to the conclusion that individuals purchase approx $1,200 worth of goods online per year.  Based on commission rates that Fundraise Together has established with online merchants, you can generate between $10 and $25 per member per year.  This may not seems like a lot of money, but when multiplied by the number of members/supporters your organization has, it can add up.  A small organization with 2,000 members can generate $20,000 - $40,000 per year.  Best of all, this program requires minimal support from your organization. 

The program is simple.  Fundraise together will build a personalized shopping portal with your organization's name/branding.  We will populate the site with links and offers to top online merchants.  We only ask that you promote the availability of the site to your members.  When your members visit the site, they will easily find the merchant they are interested in shopping from.  They simply click on the link, go to the merchants site, and complete their purchase.  Fundraise Together uses sophisticated tracking tools to ensure that you get credit for any purchase one of your members makes. 

The key to the program is that you are not asking your members to make purchase, rather you are just asking them to go through your shopping portal before they make their purchase. 
Some of our merchant partners include: